They save an abandoned dog, after an X-ray at the vet they discover the sad truth

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Stewie waited for a year for his masters to return to his house, in vain …

When Stewie’s owners decided to move out, they left their dog behind, on their own. For a year, steadfast in the post, Stewie patiently waited for the return of those he loved so much. Frightened and starved, the 11-year-old Pitbull needed help because his humans obviously weren’t going to come home …

The Hope for Paws association was called in to help Stewie. To approach the dog, the volunteers began to offer him food. But the dog was convinced that he was going to be hurt and walked away as far as possible.

The volunteers then decided to wait for Stewie’s return, without pursuing him so as not to frighten him even more. The dog was so attached to his house that they knew he would come back quickly. And they were right since a few minutes later Stewie was back. This is where the volunteers put a leash on him to prevent him from running away again and to be able to bring him to safety.

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