In Thailand, man equips paralyzed dogs with wheeled carts so they can run again

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A Swedish entrepreneur has set up a shelter in Thailand to sterilize and care for stray dogs. It comes to the aid of many dogs suffering from paralysis.

When a dog is paralyzed in the hind legs, the outcome is usually euthanasia. Unable to move and sometimes incontinent, animals have few solutions to cope. In Thailand, a Swedish entrepreneur who opened his restaurant decided to help the country’s many stray and disabled dogs.

A sanctuary for a new dog life

In the south-east of Bangkok in Thailand, Michaël J. Baine, created the association The Man That Rescue Dogs . Arriving in the country in 2002, he quickly found that there were many stray dogs. He then dedicated his free time to helping them.

He then created a sanctuary to accommodate the many disabled dogs . By installing casters on a rolling cart, the man and his volunteers allowed the paralyzed dogs to run again.

“They even run very fast! We can’t follow them ”explains Phanuphong Borphuak to Parisien

These animals would most certainly not have survived a life of wandering. Thanks to the association, the dogs can find a life made up of walks, chases and games!

The refuge threatened by the pandemic

Since the start of the health crisis, the activity of the refuge has been threatened. According to Le Parisien , donations have fallen by 40% and the number of visitors coming for adoptions has fallen by 80%.

n 2017, Thailand had 800,000 stray cats and dogs. A figure that unfortunately risks increasing in 2021 because, for lack of donations, the association had to suspend its sterilization campaign.