A dog crosses in panic on the road: she is shocked to see what he is carrying under his belly (video)

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A very worried dog crossed right in front of her on the road. Erica immediately stopped to help him.

She doesn’t hesitate for a second

Turns out it was female and very pregnant. The dog moaned and cried in pain.

Another passerby spotted Erica and the dog on the side of the road and provided them with a poncho to keep them warm.

Erica decided to name the dog Winnie. The young woman was very worried that Winnie would start her work on the side of the road.

She then took Winnie to the vet and then called the Border Collie Rescue & Rehab shelter for help and advice.

An imminent birth

The vet confirmed that the babies will be born in about 1 week.

So Erica took Winnie home and took care of the mom-to-be.

The puppies arrived a week later overnight. Erica and her husband stayed with the dog throughout to encourage her and the mother dog handled the birth and the care of the puppies perfectly.

Winnie and her puppies will stay together for the 8 week period after birth.

They will then be cared for by the Border Collie Rescue & Rehab shelter, where they will live until they find their forever families!

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