Giant dog is lying by the road and refuses to move, a family passes by and finds out the sad truth

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An absolutely heartbreaking story which fortunately ended well for this doggie who badly needed help and find love. 

In life, the Ringstaff family has a motto: “We can’t save the world, but we can help whoever needs us. “

No wonder they often rescue lost animals that roam their hometown of Harlan, Ky.

An obvious rescue

One day, at a bend in a street, the family crosses paths with a Pyrenean mountain dog lying on the side of the road. Without a second’s hesitation, they decide to help him. In the middle of the street, the dog refuses to move despite the cars passing near him. This is where the Rigstaffs realize he’s probably hurt. They then approach the big white doggie, but see no sign of injury.

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