The face of this dog when he realizes he is abandoned by his family will break your heart

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Abandoned by her humans in a refuge, this female Pitbull cross seems to cry when she realizes what just happened. Fortunately, her story ends well. 

Four-year-old Electra is a female Pitbull cross, abandoned on May 17, 2017 by her family who left her in a shelter in Pomona, California. 

“The face of sadness”

Filmed on her arrival at the shelter, Electra appears in a state of total distress and even seems to cry. Visibly traumatized by her abandonment, the dog cannot hide her sadness.

“Electra represents the face of sadness and the reality of shelters,” says the volunteer who took the video to Facebook. And to add that if sometimes she tries to understand the families who abandon their animals, in the end she has a hard time because they seem so happy when they arrive, before realizing that they will not come home.

A happy ending

Thanks to the video, which quickly goes viral (over 270,000 views), Electra quickly found a new family. Hopefully the young dog will now have the right to the life she deserves and that she will easily find her place with her new owners. That’s all we wish for him !