She saves a sick kitten in her yard: 3 days later, another surprise awaits her

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A few months ago in Tampa, Florida, a lady noticed a litter of kittens outside her house.

He is very sick

Then one day she saw a little kitten alone in the yard. He looked very ill and did not move when the lady approached.

She brought the kitten to her warm home and immediately contacted AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue shelter for help.

The sick kitten was actually a little female. She called her Natalie before she was placed in the care of Nadija, a volunteer foster mother at the shelter.

Natalie was emaciated and weighed only 500 grams when she was 8 weeks old. The little female also suffered from an upper respiratory infection.

Despite this, Natalie was purring softly. She felt much better after being cleaned, cared for and fed by her rescuers.

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