This dog lies on his master’s grave, what he does next moved the whole world (Video)

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You will never forget the story of Captain the German Shepherd because it is so touching and shows once again how animals have a big heart. 

This whole story begins in 2006 with the death of Miguel Guzman. A difficult moment for all those close to him, but also for his dog Captain, a German Shepherd . As soon as his master died, Captain disappeared for quite a while. Miguel Guzman’s family then thought that the dog had simply run away and would not return.

A dog very attached to his master

But a few months later, the relatives of Miguel Guzman discover Captain quietly installed on the tomb of his master . No one knows how the dog found Miguel Guzman’s grave, or even the path to the cemetery, but it is clear that he did.

Day after day for more than ten years, Captain remained at his late master’s grave, as a final sign of his loyalty and love. So much so that it quickly became a real icon in Argentina.

Thanks to the kindness of a florist near the cemetery, Captain has never wanted for anything during all this time away from home.

A nice story

Unfortunately, four years ago Captain fell ill. He then needed care and therefore could not spend all his nights in the cemetery. After several attempts at healing, it was clear that Captain was not going to be okay. The people who took care of him then decided to place him on Miguel Guzman’s grave so that he could end his life there peacefully.

A few days later, Captain passed away after spending 11 years near the grave of his deceased master. Today, the people who took care of him decided to do everything so that he could be buried with his master and never leave him again.

Below you can relive this incredible story on video.