After 5 years, the shocking truth is revealed in the rain, linked to a heavy chain

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Unacceptable living conditions and a dog who is not in good health: this is what the volunteers of the SPA of Colmar discovered in a family …

Adopted at the Colmar SPA five years ago, Athena did not have the life she deserved. However, the volunteers never missed the annual check-up, and everything seemed to be going well …

A dog tied up in the rain

A few days ago, the Colmar SPA discovered Athena in the rain, attached to a heavy chain. This chain was unfortunately too short for the dog to return to her kennel, and protect herself from the elements …

When questioned, the owners of the bitch simply explained that she could not be alone in their home in their absence because she was destructive.

Annoyed, the volunteers picked up Athena to put her to safety and show her to a veterinarian because she may have neurological disorders. Worse yet, the bitch has really grown old and now seems to be double her age.

These are all signs that indicate that she has not lived only happy days with her family.

Safe and pampered, Athena will be available for adoption as soon as she gets better and is ready to move into a new home. For good this time.