Stuck on a bridge 36 meters high, this DOG was incredibly lucky

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Genius engineers were passing by to inspect the bridge, just at the right time to come to the rescue of this dog who needed it badly!

She must have been very scared. But luckily, this bitch could count on her lucky star to come to her aid. Indeed, while for some mysterious reason, she found herself trapped under the Natchez-Vidalia Bridge, in the United States, more than 36 meters in the air, above the Mississippi River, the dog was rescued. by civil engineers who came to inspect this part of the bridge.

The right man, at the right time, in the right place

Rayan Nataluk and his colleagues spotted it, initially thinking it was a raccoon, before realizing it was actually a curled up dog. Illico, they set to work to save her. Luckily, Rayan Nataluk has worked for 23 years in the inspection of bridges and most often in a vacuum. He is also a good mountaineer. Moreover, he often goes for walks in steep paths with his dog and confides to CNews that he is used to snatching him “to cross rivers and even transport him to high peaks for hours on end”. In fact, he quickly figured out how to make a makeshift bitch harness and saved the bitch in just a few minutes.

Miracle, the animal got away without the slightest scratch. She is even in great shape and wags her tail to thank her rescuers. They notified the police who announced some time later that the dog had been adopted. “She was very lucky. I hope her new masters named her Lucky,” Police Chief Walter Armstrong said.