In tears, she explains to her dog that he can let himself die: the reaction of the doggie makes the whole web cry

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A particularly moving scene that no owner of pets wants to experience. 

For the past 12 years, Simba has been Mya Davis’ best friend. They shared absolutely everything: joys and sorrows. and are exactly the same age. 

This beautiful friendship began in 2006 at a shelter when Mya Davis’ mother fell in love with the then seven-year-old Simba. Seeing him, she immediately knew he was the dog her family needed.

A good hunch since immediately everyone fell in love with Simba who quickly became a full member of the family. But even though he loved everyone, Simba always had a little preference for Mya, and it was mutual. 

Difficult farewells

Now 19, Simba is just a shadow of himself and in great pain. Seeing her dog wasting away, Mya quickly realized it was time to let him go. To make Simba’s departure as smooth as possible, the 19-year-old spent a lot of time with him and explained how much she loved him while adding that he could let go, that he no longer had to suffer and everything would be fine. 

Because if the veterinarian proposed to Mya to euthanize Simba, the latter refused, preferring that he die quietly surrounded by his family. 

“I told her I was ready, that I was fine and started to cry. Simba began to comfort me by wiping the tears from my face with his head. “

A particularly strong moment that Mya shared on video to testify to all the love that Simba and she have had during these long years.