4 days after her adoption, this dog was brought back to the shelter: the excuse of her adopters is ridiculous

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Adopting an animal comes down to making a commitment to it. Not to give it a chance and to abandon it on the first pretext is extremely cruel. 

A few days ago, a bitch named Edwige (like the Harry Potter owl, with which she shares her color) was adopted after a stay at the Capucine Cazères shelter. 

Great news for everyone, except that the happiness was short-lived …

4 days later, the cold shower

Indeed, only four short days after the adoption of Edwige, her new family decided to return her. Well aware that a justification was necessary, the family indicated that they no longer wanted the dog because they dared to take the step of the portal when it opened …

A cruel choice because in four days it was obvious that the dog still needed time to adapt and understand what was expected of her. Moreover, as the shelter reminds us, a dog is not a robot to which one can program orders. He is a sensitive being, with a past, possible difficulties, desires …

After having tasted only four days of happiness, Edwige is therefore again available for adoption. We hope that next time will be the right one for this adorable dog.