Woman dies, her last wishes for her dog make everyone scream

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A purely selfish choice. 

We often share very strong bonds with our pets. So much so that some people want this bond to continue even after death. This is the case of a woman in Virginia . 

A choice that makes people talk

According to NBC, a small dog named Emma was taken to a shelter following the death of her mistress. But not in order to find a new family. No, she was taken to a shelter because her mistress explicitly requested in her will that her dog be euthanized upon her death so that she could then cremate her so that they would be together, even in death. 

After two weeks at the shelter, Emma had to face this difficult ordeal when the executor of her mistress’s will demanded her euthanasia. The members of the shelter then tried to make him change his mind , to convince him that this little dog still had a life ahead of her, but nothing helped. 

Emma was then taken to a veterinarian and was euthanized. His ashes could then be mixed with those of his mistress.  

Obviously, this story made a lot of talk and many people strongly condemned this last will, often considered selfish .