This dog refuses to eat if he doesn’t have his stuffed lamb by his side (Video)

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Who says dogs don’t need a blanket?

Tucker is a good dog described as dedicated, loyal and kind by his beloved family. But there is something else that characterizes Tucker: his passion for toys. And there is one in particular that he is particularly fond of: his stuffed lamb. It’s simple, he just can’t part with it and takes it wherever he goes. 

So, if he goes out to take the air in the courtyard of the house, his blanket will also come. And when he goes to bed, it goes without saying, Tucker takes him to bed with him. But what is perhaps the most surprising is that the pooch also takes his beloved plush in his mouth at mealtime. He then places it next to his bowl … and even tries to make it eat. Clearly, he does not seem to see his animal as a stuffed animal but as a real friend that he should take care of.

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