She comes out of the supermarket and gives a panicked cry while looking on the sidewalk: the nightmare begins!

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While doing some shopping,  Jenny Seta strapped her Golden Retriever outside a  store . When she came out, no more trace of her animal.

California Police are looking for a man who stole a dog that did not belong to him outside a supermarket in San Francisco . The scene was filmed by the store’s security camera .

It was Jenny Seta , the dog’s owner, who announced on Facebook on Saturday that her Golden Retriever , Lily, had been stolen outside of Nijiya Market in Japantown . “I went in to do some shopping that lasted less than ten minutes. She was waiting for me outside the store. She was safe,” Jenny Seta told  Fox News. “When I got out she was no longer there and I asked the store to view their surveillance footage , that’s when we saw the video of the man taking her.” A situation that the young woman describes as a pure ” nightmare .”

She then handed a copy of the video to the San Francisco Police Department which she also posted on her Facebook page, inviting her contacts to share it and let her know if anyone had seen her beloved doggie. “ I really appreciate everyone who helps with the research; the community, the people on Facebook who continue to share the video, the police,” she told Fox News. 

For now, although some say they have seen  Lily, Jenny has not yet found her . Hopefully she quickly gets her hands on her Golden Retriver and that all of this will soon be a distant memory.

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