Woman finds dog in cardboard box: she cries when she sees what is between her paws

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A few days ago, in a forest in Poland, a woman on her way to work came across an abandoned cardboard box. Inside, what she found literally broke her heart.

A few days ago, a woman on her way to work came across an abandoned cardboard box. His heart immediately sank upon discovering a bitch in the box. The latter was protecting her little one by warming him with her body.

A cruel double abandonment

The bitch was exhausted and very thin. Realizing the urgency of the situation, the woman started talking to the dog who came out of her box to walk around the box, nervously. Without hesitation, the woman covered the puppy with her sweatshirt to keep it warm.

Despite her delay at work, the woman took the time to contact several associations so that the dog and her puppy could be taken care of quickly. It is finally the association “Judyta Puppy Foundation” which accepted, even if it is already overwhelmed by animals.

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