Forced to abandon their dog in a shelter, they can’t believe what is happening to him

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After the good life in a loving home, Ritter was finally placed in a shelter after his family lost their home. A situation that saddened the dog so much that the shelter staff decided to give him a helping hand to help him find new owners.

When they lost their home, Ritter’s owners found themselves unable to keep him with them . Ditto for his brother Corky. Heartbroken, they dropped off their two dogs at the Humane Society in Hamilton County , Indiana. But poor Ritter did not understand what was happening to him and was very saddened not to see his masters return to pick him up. “Like many dogs, he was petrified, nervous and heartbroken (…) They don’t understand where their family has gone and are confused and scared by the new noisy environment” confides Megan Bousley, Marketing Communications Specialist at The Humane Society from Hamilton County to The Dodo .

Ritter thus remained seated against the wall, his eyes riveted on the ground, upset and confused by the new reality of his daily life. The people at the shelter did their best to make the dog feel loved, they couldn’t offer him the only thing he needed: the warmth of a home . His state of distress was such that the shelter wanted to maximize and speed up his chances of being adopted by posting an ad on Facebook accompanied by a photo of Ritter.

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