Dog found with glued eyes mouth is recovering in foster home

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The animal cruelty to which this poor dog has suffered is unheard of. His owner sealed his eyes and mouth with glue before throwing him on a busy road …

The person who found little Glory on the side of the road in the Oaklawn area thought she was dead. And for good reason, she was inert on the side of the road. But on getting closer, she made a horrifying discovery: the bitch had her eyes and mouth sealed with glue.

Rescue, adoption and investigation

Care that she then continued to receive in her new foster family because the little dog was fortunately adopted quickly. And her new masters have only one wish: to give her all the love she missed!

As for this act of great cruelty, investigations are underway to try to identify the culprit. A reward of $ 5,000 was set for helping catch her attacker.

Check out the video retracing Glory’s story, from her recovery to the call for witnesses to find the one who abused her so much: