This depressed Pitbull refuses to budge, but when a little boy arrives everyone is speechless

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Completely depressed, Nala refused to move for long hours …

While living on the streets, a female Pitbull named Nala was rescued and taken to Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue in the course of 2018. Once there, the dog refused to budge and respond to the call. least interaction. For two days, the members of the shelter did everything to try to get her out of her silence and depression, to no avail. Nala still refused to move.

An idea that changes everything

After two days, the owner of the shelter decided that something had to be done to help poor Nala and she had an idea: to bring in her seven-year-old son. If Nala is afraid of adults, maybe she is not afraid of children.

Zack then arrived a few minutes later and settled down quietly in front of Nala’s cage, without saying a word. Almost instantly, the female dog got up and walked over to Zack.

A real change for Nala who already seemed much less afraid, and above all a very moving moment for all the members of the refuge, and not only. Indeed, the video of the meeting between Zack and Nala has been seen nearly 5 million times!

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