Puppy on the railroad tracks: a woman rushes to help him and what she finds chills her blood

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The monstrous person who tethered this helpless newborn puppy condemning him to certain death is still wanted.

This terrible story took place in Dade City, Florida in December 2017 and was told by Fox 13 in a video. We learn that Rebecca Cruz, a local photographer who was immortalizing a house nearby, heard a puppy cry for help. The young woman decided to follow the squeaks and found the newborn puppy huddled under brush at the foot of a train tracks.

Abandoned and tied

She wanted to take him in the arms but she noticed that the puppy, a crossbreed of  PitBull , was firmly attached at the level of its legs preventing it completely from moving. “It made me sick, sick in the stomach. I was shaking,” says Rebecca Cruz who hastened to untie the puppy and take him to the nearest vet. 

Good news, the puppy was rescued on time, he was suffering from dehydration but received the necessary care straight away and is now fine. Rebecca, who also volunteers for an animal rescue sanctuary, led the puppy to an animal rescuer, Deirdre Oakley. Deirdre christened the puppy Polka Dot and gave him a temporary welcome, nonetheless aware that she would certainly keep Polka Dot in her home forever.

An open investigation

As for the cruel and heartless person who tied up the newborn puppy in this way, it is clear that she did not want to give him any chance of survival. An investigation has also been opened to find the culprit. Fortunately, Polka Dot was able to count on her lucky star by the name of Rebecca to save her life.