he cries every night because of what happened on his 11th birthday

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Every night, Niki cries and seems lost. The volunteers of the refuge do everything to find him a family and make him smile.

Niki is an 11 year old Labrador crossbreed. Since arriving at the refuge, the doggie has been crying every night, not understanding why he is there, or why his master has decided to abandon him …

Abandoned on her birthday

Niki was abandoned the day of his 11 th birthday. A particularly difficult decision for the old dog. The reason for this abandonment is clear: the doggie was growling at the family’s baby, so he had to leave.

The world has fallen apart for the loving male, so he can’t stop crying every night. Little by little, Nikki also gives up all hope and gives way to despair.

A family in emergency

This is why the Stuttgart animal shelter is currently looking for a foster home or – preferably – a new family for Niki. There is a real urgency to finding a loving home for Niki before it is too late.