When he sees what’s on his bed, this daddy explodes in tears

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A wonderful gift that warms the heart.

For 12 long and happy years, Jasey Jentsch’s father bonded unwaveringly with the family dog, Bruce, a Boston Terrier who had to end his life in a shelter as a puppy because his former owner didn’t want him. more.

A wonderful relationship

Initially, Jasey’s father is hesitant to adopt this puppy because he is not sure he wants to devote the time to him. But once the decision was made, the man became inseparable from his doggie , spending his weekends with him.

From then on, it became impossible to cross paths with Bruce without his beloved master, each trusting the other perfectly.

But all good things must end.

A devastating death

Sick, Bruce gradually began to pass away at his family’s home. When her last day finally arrived, everyone was upset that they had to say goodbye to her , especially Jasey’s father. The latter had a hard time recovering from this loss.

In the hope of alleviating this pain, Jasey’s mother had an idea. By chance, she saw an advertisement for a company offering to personalize pillows in the image of her animal. She decided to order one as a tribute to Bruce.

Upon discovering his pillow, Jasey’s father was ecstatic to see his best friend again and to be able to hug him again. Bruce may be dead, but Jasey’s father’s love for him will always endure .