A howl under the snow: when the rescuers arrived, they realized the urgency of the situation

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Winter is one of the harshest seasons for animals left on the streets. So when a young dog got tied to a tree, left in the snow and injured, he started screaming in heartbreaking despair. 

When winter is at its coldest, help is never slow to arrive to help animals in pain. When they received a call telling them that a young dog was tied to a tree in the street, in the middle of the snow, the emergency services did not hesitate for a single second. Arrived at the scene, rescuers finally managed to free the young dog from the tree and were about to get him into their vehicle, when he suddenly started screaming to death . The kind of cry that breaks your heart into a thousand pieces and that you rarely hear of such intensity. 

A gentle atmosphere that finally managed to calm him down

By pulling him out of the tree, the emergency services realized that the dog was injured and that his wound seemed very infected. The emergency services did everything to reassure the young dog and make him understand that the hardest part was now behind him. It was only after the dog found himself inside the car, with the comforting warmth of the heating on, that he was able to relax and realize that the people around him were coming to save him. As you can see in the video below , upon hearing the voice of the young rescuer, the dog manages to gradually calm down. 

A rescue with a beautiful ending! 

The emergency services renamed him Weezer. Once brought to the care center, Weezer was able to be examined by the vet: it is now known that he was around 7 months old at the time of the rescue. His wounds were deep and infected, from a harness that was put on him at a very young age and when he grew up the harness hurt his skin deeply … It will never be known exactly why Weezer was abandoned in such conditions, but one thing is certain: he is now out of danger and has recovered from his injuries! We even have the joy of knowing that he has found a loving family and that he is spending happy days in the company of his new brothers and sisters. He also loves to take naps lying on his masters!