The sheepdog is abandoned 3 times at the refuge: fate punishes him one last time …

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A truly cruel fate for this doggie who asks only to be loved. 

Everyone at the Salzgitter Animal Shelter loved the old shepherd-husky mix. That’s why everyone was incredibly happy when the pooch was adopted! Everyone hoped that everything would go well for Robber, because he really deserved it. 

A 3rd abandonment

Indeed, poor Robber has already been brought back to the shelter twice. The volunteers hope that this time all will be well and that the elderly doggie can calmly end his life in a beautiful house, surrounded by love. 

But it has not happened. Only hours after his adoption, poor Robber was dropped off at the vet because his health was not good and his new humans did not want him anymore. Annoyed, the volunteers of the refuge then put everything in place for the doggie to find a new family, but it is not easy.

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