Their German Shepherd dog is kidnapped: after 3 years without news, a call upsets the whole family

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A German Shepherd escapes his kidnapper but does not know how to get home … But after 3 years of disappearance, a real miracle happens for this dog and his family!

Harley, a beautiful German Shepherd, was to join the police dog team. Unfortunately, following an accident, he had to give up training. 

The adorable doggie is quickly adopted

Harley quickly found her family for life. He was the happiest dog in the world and spent his time playing in the garden. Alas, two years after being adopted he was kidnapped in his garden in the middle of the day … 

His family was completely devastated by this tragedy. They did everything to find Harley, but unfortunately luck was not with them at that time. For 3 years, they found themselves without news of Harley. There was absolutely no trace of the stolen pooch. 

Three years later, the phone rings … 

The family one day receives a call from Howard County Animal Control. They couldn’t believe it and yet! Harley had been found safe and sound, 3 years after her disappearance! 

Police officer Sarah Miller rescued the dog from a red light. She had asked a couple to stop to answer a few questions about a phone theft. But when she asked about the dog in their van, they told her it wasn’t their dog.  

The couple explained that the pooch was roaming the streets of Baltimore and wanted to pick him up. 

At the vet, Harley’s chip scan revealed his identity and that his family had been looking for him for 3 years. 

The family are more than delighted to have finally found the doggie and they thank from the bottom of their hearts all the elements that brought them to Harley. 

No one knows how he ended up on the streets, but one thing is for sure: this adorable pooch is more than happy to return home. What a beautiful miracle!