He abandons his dog who is begging him to stay with him (Video)

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A particularly moving video and a cruel abandonment.

On a frosty night in England a few days ago, a driver noticed something on the side of the road. The man then decides to take a closer look, and discovers a dog lying in his basket, alone .

Troubled by this lonely dog, the driver decides to accompany him to a local veterinarian to see if it is possible to find his family. But quickly all hope was gone. The RSPCA viewed the surveillance cameras of the location where the dog was found to witness a most shocking scene .

A very cruel abandonment

In the video, we see a man getting out of his car with a dog basket. He goes around and puts the basket on the ground before unfastening the poor doggie’s leash and leaving. A few seconds later, the dog starts running towards the car and jumps up close to the window in order to get his owner’s attention and convince him to stay with him or take him back. In vain…

“These images are heartbreaking. To see the poor dog in such obvious distress jump on the car as he leaves is heartbreaking. I don’t understand how anyone could do that … ”

Another chance for Snoop

Renamed Snoop, the poor doggie has been placed in a private shelter where he is well taken care of, although he remains a little shocked. Posted on the Internet, his story quickly went viral and hundreds of people offered to adopt him in order to give him a new chance in life .

For its part, the RSPCA is still seeking additional information about this abandonment and the two people who were present in the car.