In the middle of winter, a cat in distress scratches on her window, she understands that she has very little time to act

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We can say that this stray cat has knocked on the right door! 

When a ginger cat started scratching and meowing at a lady’s window in the middle of winter, he had no idea he had got it right. The lady was actually a volunteer in an association that helps animals, called Un Chat à la Fois in Quebec. 

She’s looking for a place in her refuge

The ginger cat was in terrible shape and needed urgent help. Without hesitation, the lady sent a message to the founder of the refuge Marie Simard to ask her if there were any places left at the refuge. 

Unfortunately, Marie told him that the shelter could no longer accommodate an adult cat. She advised him to quickly take the cat to the vet for examination. 

The poor tomcat was covered with bites, fleas and ticks. He had rotten teeth and suffered from diabetes. This cat must have lived on the streets for years and given his condition, he would not have survived another winter outside …

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