Evicted from her home, she packs her bags and what she does with her dogs shocks the whole neighborhood

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Evicted from her home, she packs her bags and what she does with her dogs shocks the whole neighborhood

When they got there, the rescuers couldn’t believe their eyes. 

Our animals are members of our family, not objects that we can throw away when we feel that we no longer want them. And yet, some masters do not a priori have the same states of mind. 

In California, a woman got rid of her dogs in the most sordid fashion. But luckily, in this shocking story, the poor doggies got a second chance at life. 

A most overwhelming discovery

Allen Boartfield, a volunteer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, received a call asking him to come and pick up two dogs in need. 

When he arrived at the scene, he discovered a huge pile of garbage in front of the house and among them … Two dogs abandoned in cages. 

The owner of the dogs had been kicked off the property and instead of taking them with her or taking them to a shelter, she ditched them as if they were old items. 

Seeing the two doggies among the trash cans broke your heart. The poor were clearly in shock at their abandonment. 

The dogs were terrified 

They were renamed Catch and Treasure. Treasure quickly got used to Allen’s presence, but Catch didn’t. The two doggies were extremely attached to each other and Catch was very protective of his sister. 

Both dogs were brought to the nearest veterinary clinic, and they both received well-deserved care. 

Catch had a bad cold that needed to be treated for several days, and Treasure had very matted fur. So much so that the poor bitch could not move without it hurting her …

Fortunately, the two dogs quickly recovered both physically and mentally. They were treated and then sterilized. 

It took Catch a little longer to be ready for adoption as the poor pooch was very shy.

Finally, we have good news: the two doggies have been adopted!