Two years after having her dog stolen, she travels 960 km in the hope of finding him! (Video)

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The doggie was found in a shelter two and a half years after a burglary, and was thrilled to find his mistress!

After two and a half years of separation, a young woman and her dog were reunited after the doggie was stolen in a burglary.

A sudden and cruel separation

When Mariah was just 16, her pooch Hannibal was stolen from her in a burglary while she was on vacation.

Devastated, Mariah launched a social media campaign to try to find Hannibal, and even spoke about him on television. But the years have passed and no one has found the doggie. His mistress told herself that she would never find him.

A chance to meet again

Two and a half years later, after moving to Tennessee, Mariah received a message from a friend of hers sending her an online foster home search ad for a dog that looked like Hannibal.

With a tight stomach, Mariah therefore began a long journey of 600 miles in the hope of finding her dog, more than 960 km.

Upon arrival, it was obvious that it was indeed Hannibal! The doggie exploded with joy when he found his owner who was finally able to believe in this wonderful reunion.


It’s been a long road without you, but I’m so happy you’re home ❤️ #chrismasmerical #missing #dog #reunited #fourleggedlove #furbaby #fureverbestfrien

♬ Lean on Me – Graham Blvd

A dog who still has obstacles to overcome

It turns out that Hannibal has a lump on his neck, and needs vet care to have it removed and checked to make sure it’s okay. His mistress therefore launched a fundraising campaign to cover veterinary costs, appealing for the generosity of the public to be able to spend as much time as possible with his doggie.

The young woman also clarified that she had not identified her dog at the time, being only 16 years old and not aware of the importance of this act. Today, she encourages all animal owners to have their animals identified, to have a better chance of finding their companions in the event of theft, loss or escape!