Woman decides to adopt strange kitten, her whole family panics when she sees her arrive (video)

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This black “kitten” was very lucky to meet his adopted mom!

Luna is far from being a harmless kitten. In fact, it is a little panther that was born in a zoo in Siberia. No one can explain why, but her panther mom rejected her when she was just a baby.

A panther who needed a mother

Without breast milk or care, Luna’s chances of survival were almost nil. Fortunately, Luna’s path crossed that of a young woman who had a lot of experience with big cats.

With the zoo’s agreement, she was able to take care of the panther when it was the size of a kitten and gave it milk and suitable vitamins to ensure its growth.

Her foster mother became so fond of little Luna that she ended up adopting her for good. His years of experience with felines of this size have given him a good understanding of the needs of the little panther.

An unlikely and touching friendship

Luna met the family’s Rottweiler dog, Venza. At first the two females were a bit shy, but eventually they got to know each other and a beautiful friendship was born between the two.

Since then, Luna and Venza have been inseparable and share everything: their moments of games, their naps, their walks in nature!

Adopted as a tiny kitten, Luna has now grown into a beautiful, healthy panther with an adorable personality!