Volunteers find a dog tied to the shelter’s gate: a detail breaks their hearts

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Poor Malko was abandoned at the gate of the refuge. When he was discovered, his situation was critical.

When the volunteers of the “SCPA Carcassonne Chiens” arrived at the shelter a few days ago, they had the bad surprise to discover a dog attached to the gate. 

A dog much too skinny

Approaching the dog, the volunteers are panicked to discover that he is far too thin and that he is probably in pain. Quickly, the doggie is detached so that it can be examined by a veterinarian.

After a full examination, the vet was able to render his verdict and indicated that the dog, named Malko, was absolutely not sick. No, he was simply purposely deprived of food by his old masters. An explanation that thrills the volunteers. 

And for good reason since this dog all the same came close to death as he was thin for his size. Fortunately, since he was rescued, he has already gained 3 kilos in less than 10 days! A great victory. 

As soon as Malko is in good shape, he can be offered for adoption in order to find the family he has always dreamed of.