He hears his dogs bark, follows them outside and calls the emergency room in shock at what he finds (Video)

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Real little heroes on legs who saved the life of a woman who was in a bad position and needed help more than ever.

One night in Michigan – around 4 a.m. – a couple heard the barking of their two dogs . Initially, Susan and Lonnie Chester try to ignore the two dogs and go back to sleep, but Adam and Eva (the dogs) insist over and over.

Susan and Lonnie Chester then start asking questions and when Adam pulls his master by the sleeve, the latter decides to follow them downstairs to see what the problem is, if there is a problem. Once downstairs, the two dogs stick to the front door, as if to show something to Lonnie who realizes the problem must be outside the house.

Two hero dogs

Once the door is open, the two doggies rush out and run straight ahead before stopping. Lonnie then discovers that they have stopped near the body of a totally chilled woman since the temperatures are then negative.

Lonnie rushes over to the woman and realizes that it is actually her 89-year-old neighbor. The latter explains to him that she is very cold. Lonnie then drives the woman home and gives her blankets and something to warm up while Susan calls for help. It turns out that Susan had been outside for no less than 20 minutes.

Very proud of their two dogs, Susan and Lonnie Chester explained to the media that it was thanks to them that their neighbor was saved.