He abandons his cat in his apartment and leaves him to starve: justice delivers its verdict

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n October 2017, the man had indeed left his home permanently without warning anyone and leaving her cat locked inside.

The facts date back to October 2017. A 27-year-old man “described as unstable” as reported by the daily Ouest France , suddenly left his home in Avrillé, in Maine-et-Loire, without telling anyone. It was finally after several months that the neighbors, seeing his mail piling up in his mailbox, gave the alert. But the worst was yet to come. Indeed, inside the apartment, the corpse of a rickety cat was discovered. The cause of his death would be due to starvation. “We discovered a dead animal weighing 690 g. The normal weight of a cat of the same age is 3.5 kg ”, declared one of the four associations for the defense of animals which brought action during the trial.

A prison sentence

Faced with the atrocious ordeal that the feline named Peanut must have gone through between the time his master left and that of his death, the Angers Criminal Court rendered its verdict. Tuesday, February 2, the man was sentenced to six months in prison and to pay a total of 1,700 euros to the civil parties. He is also now prohibited from owning an animal. Absent during the hearing, the accused did not provide any explanation for his cruel gesture with tragic consequences.