Separated from a very special friend, this dog bursts into tears and the video touches the world

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Friendship has no limits. And the tears of this doggie prove it. 

Rookie is a cute little dog who had a cow as his best friend! Adopted as a puppy, Rookie immediately became friends with one of the two cattle living on the family farm. The cow immediately took the dog under her protective wing and a special relationship was born between the two friends. 

Proof if it was still necessary that animals have an enormous heart. 

The end of a beautiful friendship

Sadly, the friendship between Rookie and his cow was cut short by fate, as soon after, the owners were forced to sell the cattle. A difficult decision for everyone to make because the owners didn’t want to hurt Rookie by separating him from his best friend. But they had no choice. 

On Youtube, the video of the separation of Rookie and the cow moved the whole world. We see the doggie with its eyes full of tears and the cow walking away. Immediately, the dog tries to join her by running after and the cow calls her friend. A heartbreaking moment, of rare accuracy . 

A depression and a reunion

Following this difficult separation, Rookie entered a phase of depression. He refused to eat and sat for hours without doing anything, as if waiting for his friend. 

Seeing his dog inconsolable, his master finally decided to get his cow back and the two friends were very happy to meet . 

To help Rockie to socialize with other dogs, his master decided to organize meetings with other doggies and everything is going perfectly.