He moves and abandons his dog for a reason that shocks even his family

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Another particularly cruel act.

When Rubble’s owner moved to California, he didn’t bother to take her with him. He just left her outside his old house in Houston, Texas , with no food or water, with only a small doghouse to shelter.

A DOG for breeding

But this abandonment is far from being a coincidence. In fact, Rubble – a female American Bulldog – was abandoned because she couldn’t have cubs. Four years old, the bitch was no longer useful to her master who did not hesitate for long before abandoning her .

Shortly after Rubble’s master left, members of his family noticed that he had left without his dog and tried to contact him to make him listen to reason. In vain. Rubble’s master wouldn’t hear anything. The members of his family then decided to turn to an association. This is how a woman named Alyssa Aguilar decided to give Rubble a second chance.

Unfortunately, Rubble was in terrible shape. Her skin was broken and she was way too thin. Very angry, Alyssa Aguilar decided to do everything so that the little dog could feel better in her paws and heal. Once in good health, she can be offered for adoption .

Towards a new life

Despite an advanced state of malnutrition, little Rubble wanted only one thing: to be cuddled and loved. And even a life of suffering did not dampen his urge to do well .

Today Rubble is already starting to get better and it’s nice to see.