The vet holds the dog to give him a bite: a cat arrives and does the unthinkable

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Cats and dogs are often said to be enemies, although this is rarely the case. But when they find a common enemy, cat and dog ALWAYS know how to ally themselves!

It is on a video published on the Tik Tok social network that Internet users around the world were able to discover a frankly astonishing and funny scene: a cat and a dog allying against a veterinarian of whom they are visibly afraid. 

A cat defending a dog

On the famous video, we can see a dog, held by his human and by the vet who will give him an injection. Obviously, the dog is particularly stressed and dreams of only one thing: to run away. 

Beside, a cat observes the whole scene and decides to come to the aid of his companion in misfortune. How? ‘Or’ What ? Simply by jumping on the veterinarian’s leg!

Obviously, the video quickly went viral and we let you discover it below. 


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