Reimbursement rate for dog or cat insurance

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One of the most important criteria in  choosing a mutual  insurance company for dogs or cats is the reimbursement rate . The latter varies according to the formula you choose.

Depending on the companies and the formula chosen, the compensation coefficient can be 50%, but go up to 100%.

For an economical formula, the reimbursement rate varies between 50% and 80%.
For an intermediate or high-end formula, the reimbursement rate can rise from 80 to 100%.

Pay particular attention to the  cap on this reimbursement . There is always a limit to the total amount reimbursed per insurance year.

Finally, lean over the amount of the deductible , that is to say the part of the costs not reimbursed and which remains at your expense.

Take the example of a person who has subscribed to a plan with a reimbursement rate of 80%, with no excess. Her dog swallows a peach pit. The veterinary bill amounts to 1200 euros: emergency consultation, x-rays, surgery, hospitalization, treatment, medication. The insured pays his veterinarian and sends the invoices to his insurance. It is refunded 960 euros directly by bank transfer.