He digs the grave of his still living dog, the veterinarian says 2 words that change everything

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Losing an animal is an overwhelming moment for everyone… Digging a grave is even worse…

It is a heartbreaking story that made Twitter cry in April 2019. It all starts when Franklin Hardy posts a message and a photo on the famous social network. We see his father digging a grave for their dog, under the gaze of the doggie. An absolutely heartbreaking photo in which Franklin explains that the vet told his father the dog needed to be euthanized and offered to do it right at his home.

It was for this reason that the father was digging the dog’s grave while the latter witnessed the whole scene.

A false alarm

A few hours later, the veterinarian therefore arrived there to euthanize the poor dog. But before that, he decided to take a final look at it and finally realized there was a mistake. The dog did not need to be euthanized. It was a false alarm.

Today, according to the principal concerned, the dog is doing well.