Dog alone next to the trash cans: a detail is cold in the back

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The poor little dog just seemed to be waiting for someone to come and get her …

In Barjols, a French commune located in the Var department, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, a dog was discovered near the bins of a residence. Only.

A shocking detail

While abandonment of pets is common, some score more than others because of their level of recklessness and / or cruelty. This is the case with this abandonment of a bitch visibly named Tania.

Left alone near the trash cans, Tania was abandoned with several bags containing all of her belongings, as well as a large bag of kibble. A detail that leaves little room for doubts about the will of his previous humans who have obviously found no better than to leave a dog alone near the trash …

Fortunately, Tania was rescued and research has now started to find her humans so that they can answer for their actions, but also and above all to provide information about their dog to facilitate her care and potential adoption.

Currently, Tania is safe at the Trets pound.