A woman sits on a bench with a howling kitten: what she is doing is chilling her back

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A scene difficult to bear since the woman who was with the kitten was biting it on the neck with a lot of violence … 

Some stories really shudder. This is the case with that of little Archie, a kitten only a few weeks old. When he was found, Archie was in a park with a mentally ill woman. The latter was biting him forcefully on the neck. 

Fortunately, the Californian authorities were quickly called on the spot and the kitten was entrusted to an association. It was Hannah Shaw who took care of the hairball who had a huge neck injury and also suffered from ringworm, a contagious disease that can be transmitted to humans and other animals. 

A new start for Archie the kitten

Archie was therefore placed in quarantine in Hannah’s bathroom, while he could be treated. He also received a lot of love and something to settle comfortably in this new life so hoped for. 

Day after day, the adorable kitten started to get better and her injuries began to heal. 

As soon as he is ready, Archie will be able to find his family for life, but for the moment, he is making the most of this new daily life and finishing his treatment. Hannah regularly shares her news on her social networks. He couldn’t have fallen into better hands.