His dog dies: he goes to a shelter and makes a request that no one has ever made

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No one else had asked them that before. Steve Greig was absolutely sure of himself. 

The day his dog died, it was an absolute tragedy for Steve. But it also made a real click. 

He makes an unusual decision

Steve got in his car and drove to the closest animal shelter to his home. He then applied for adoption which caught everyone at the shelter by surprise. 

Steve asked to see the animals that no one wanted to adopt. The employees then introduced him to Eeyore (“Bourriquet” in French). The doggie had all four broken knees and a heart defect. Steve adopted it without hesitation. 

He adopts animals that no one wants

But it didn’t stop with the Chihuahua. Steve now comes to the shelter regularly and asks about old dogs that no one else wants to adopt. 

He has since adopted 10 dogs as well as a pig, a rabbit and a turkey. No one wanted them because they were too old or sick. Now they all flow happy days to Steve! 

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