Her puppies are stillborn: a week later, a miracle happens!

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For Rose, the little Chihuahua, giving birth to dead puppies was a great pain. However, almost a week later, a miracle happened!

Rose’s story is heartbreaking. When the Chihuahua   arrives at the Secondhand Hounds shelter in the American town of Minnetonka, she is already pregnant , so the volunteers can only accompany her and take better care of her throughout her pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, everything did not go as planned during the birth …

Stillborn puppies

Although Chihuahuas are generally born well, a birth is always a risky moment. After hours of work, and a lot of suffering, Rose finally gave birth to six puppies, all stillborn. Rose then does everything possible to “wake up” her little ones, in vain . 

A real miracle

It was a week later that a miracle occurred in the shelter . That day, an elderly female dog died a few hours after giving birth to her young. Five puppies who then found themselves without mom. 

The five puppies are then placed in Rose’s cage, who immediately falls in love with them and takes care of them as if they were her own.