This kitten and this otter live together in Japan and they make the buzz on YouTube (video)

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Cette amitié est très inattendue, mais elle ne manque pas de nous attendrir ! 

In Japan, the river otter Sakura and the cat Mochi live in perfect harmony with their master ma ko. This Youtuber has over 560,000 subscribers and he regularly posts cute content with his two best friends. 

The otter seeks comfort from the kitten 

In the video, the two companions are taking a nap on the sofa. Finally, especially Mochi the kitten, because Sakura does everything to get as close as possible to her four-legged friend.

She curls up against his back and runs her little paw across his chest. Mochi is far too wrapped up in his nap to pay attention, and the more he falls asleep the more the otter tries to hug him. 

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