Adopted after years at the shelter, this dog experienced his worst nightmare 3 days later!

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Kimba spent more than two years in an animal shelter in Poland. So when he was finally adopted he was the happiest dog in the world! Unfortunately, this joy did not last very long …

Kimba had a difficult past and was a rather shy and nervous dog when he arrived at a shelter in Krakow, Poland. But with the help of the caring shelter staff, he managed to break out of his shell and transform into a loving puppy! Despite this, no one was still interested in the doggie …

Kimba’s adoption

Finally, on August 29, two and a half years after arriving at the shelter, Kimba was adopted. Three days later, however, he was returned to the shelter. Why? Because her new owner didn’t like Kimba’s enthusiasm for children. Not that the adopter has children himself, but the fact that Kimba jumped to greet his grandson was enough for the man to abandon his new 4-legged companion.

A second chance ?

Sadly, Kimba’s story is no exception. However, when you adopt a dog from a shelter, you have to give it at least three months to get used to this new environment and this new rhythm of life. If we do not intend to make this “effort”, then you might as well never take the first step. 

Hopefully Kimba will soon find another more benevolent family for him.