A man takes a selfie with a Pitbull. A few hours later, the police knock on his door

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This seemingly innocent selfie brought the police right to his home!

This story happened a few years ago. Dan Tillery, a musician from Waterford Township, Michigan, has decided with his girlfriend Megan to adopt a dog. So they went to the Detroit Dog Rescue in search of a four-legged friend. They immediately noticed a white American Bulldog , which had been waiting for their house for over 3 months.

A thunderbolt

When the family returned home excited about the adoption, they posted photos on their social media to share the big news. 

The photo circulated online, and Dan and Megan were happy that so many people supported their decision. Unfortunately, it turned out that the photo had attracted unwanted attention as well … Before the couple knew it, the police were already knocking on their door.

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