Puppy moans underground: the volunteer lifts a stone and discovers the worst …

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This is an absolutely terrible video that a volunteer from the Association Gueules d’Amour Protection Animaux Mayotte posted on Facebook. A video that is cold in the back.

It was in Mayotte that the events took place this week. Through several videos, a volunteer shows his race against time to save puppies. Except these puppies cannot be found, we can just hear them moaning in the distance.

Stifled cries that stir the heart.

A monstrous discovery

It is by hearing the moans amplify that the volunteer finally finds a good area, the one in which to search. He then looks around and is moved by a shudder when he understands the terrible reality: the calls for help come from underground …

He then sees a stone blocking the entrance to a kind of burrow and lifting it. Two frightened and weak puppies come out of this death trap in which they were condemned to perish in excruciating pain.

Fortunately, and thanks to this volunteer who never gave up, they are now safe.