Worried because her dog is not barking, she discovers the terrible truth

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When this woman bought her puppy, she was sure she was getting a good deal and found the companionship of a lifetime. But it wasn’t, because this puppy just wasn’t one!

During 2017, Ms Wang bought a puppy from a pet store. The puppy is described as being a Japanese Spitz breed and sold for the modest sum of $ 190. Delighted with her purchase, and to get such a great deal when a purebred puppy can cost over $ 1000, Ms Wang returns home with her puppy.

A dog like no other

It was when her puppy was three months old that Ms Wang began to worry about her dog, who was starting to have a particularly long coat and a very developed tail. It was also around this time that the puppy began to refuse to eat dog food. But that’s not all. The dog never barks and scares other dogs that he meets.

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