Veterinarian reveals what happens before every euthanasia, he makes the whole world cry

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A necessary awareness, even if it is sometimes painful. 

Sometimes your best friend isn’t there when you need them most . That’s what a vet reportedly explained to a Twitter user nicknamed @jessi_dietrich.

A message that makes the whole world cry

Recently, the young woman passionate about animals explained on her Twitter thread that she had asked the following question to her vet: ”  What is the most difficult part of your job? 

To which the vet replied that it was to have to euthanize animals. But it is not precisely the fact of euthanizing animals that breaks the heart of this veterinarian who is used to seeing sad things .

As he explained to the young woman, what really breaks his heart is that these animals are alone when they are euthanized . 90% of owners prefer not to be in the room at the time of the injection, so much so that during its last moments, the animal looks everywhere for its owner, and cannot find him. 

A buzz for a good cause

Following these heartbreaking explanations, many people wanted to react and talk about their own experiences. The post was liked over 100,000 times and many people said they stayed with their pets until the last second. 

Other people explained that they were heartbroken following this message because they were not aware of all this when letting their animal go … 

A necessary awareness

Following this little buzz on Twitter and especially the reflection that took place afterwards, a veterinarian spoke on Facebook to explain that the animals are indeed looking for their master when leaving , and are panicked not to find him: “They look at the faces of everyone in the room to find the one they love so much. They don’t understand why they are alone when they need it most. Do not be cowardly because it is too difficult for YOU, imagine what they are feeling during this time when they are in pain and are vulnerable (…) Signed a vet with a tired heart . “

While some people did not appreciate this very direct and slightly violent message, most people realized how important it was to accompany your animal to the end , and that is the main thing.