Chihuahua finds abandoned on the street: when a veterinarian checks the dog for a chip that allows identification, He finds the thing unbelievable.

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Like what, you should absolutely never lose hope.

A man was walking down the street when he saw a small dog in a sorry state run over him. Aware that the animal needed help, the man decided to entrust it to YOUR Humane Society SPCA where he was taken care of.

A dog with a family

As soon as the little dog arrived at the shelter, everyone was surprised at his particularly friendly behavior. It was very clear that the doggie had had a family. The dog was therefore scanned in order to find a possible electronic chip allowing him to be identified.

The dog’s name then appeared – Alex – as did the names of its former owners. When the shelter workers managed to get in touch with this family, they realized how amazing Alex’s story was.

An incredible story

Over the phone, Alex’s owners explain that he has been missing for six years now and that they live several hundred kilometers from where the pooch was found.

Alex was living with another dog who was then placed temporarily with a family member. Presumably to follow him, Alex dug a hole under the fence and escaped. His masters then searched everywhere to find him, in vain.

This call last February therefore changed their lives.

The good life

As soon as he saw his masters, Alex seemed to recognize them. He immediately wagged his tail and everyone was very moved to see this beautiful reunion. Best of all, Alex was able to find his old dog friend!