Two men risk their lives to save puppy from snake nest: video causes scandal

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While walking in the street, a man discovered a puppy at the foot of a tree, completely covered with snakes …

It was by the greatest of luck, during a walk, that a man discovered a freezing spectacle at the foot of a tree, between roots: a puppy was trapped, enveloped by several snakes. An obviously deadly posture for the animal which was in great need of help, and quickly. 

Without wasting a second, the man then called a friend of his who knew about snakes.

When they have a prey, the snakes first begin to suffocate it slowly but surely before devouring it. The rescuers therefore had to act quickly. The man began by slowly pulling each snake away from its prey. Once removed, each snake was delicately placed in a bag. But the puppy was especially lethargic once all the snakes were removed … 

A false rescue?

When you look more closely, doubts arise about this rescue of a dog trapped in snakes. Could it be that everything is just a set-up? In any case, this is what it seems to be when we take a closer look at the video and other videos of the same kind. 

Even if we do not necessarily suspect it, the false rescues are very numerous on Youtube. We must therefore be very vigilant …