A couple puts a dog in their trunk: a few minutes later, 3 lives are forever turned upside down

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A much needed rescue for this dog who was in a particularly dramatic situation …

“My name is Holly since yesterday, for the first time in my life I am no longer transparent or anonymous …”

It is with these words that the Association Sauve ton bourbon et Cie introduced the story of Holly, on January 4, on its Facebook page. 

An essential rescue

Holly is a dog who was in a state of great distress, both psychologically and physically. It was following a report that she was spotted. 

Not being able to tolerate that the bitch undergoes all this one more day, members of the association decided to launch the rescue. Scared, Holly at first refused to be approached, before finally giving in, in the face of the kindness of the people there. 

A journey to happiness

Once the dog was a little reassured, she was put in the trunk of the car of one of the volunteers: direction her house and above all a gentler life. After a good night’s rest for everyone, the dog was taken to the vet who was able to examine her and determine that she was about two years old, had many parasites and had probably been detained, upon her arrival. younger age, in a closed place. 

For her little body to recover, to gain weight again and to get everything back to normal, Holly will still need time. 

But now she is no longer invisible, receives love and counts in the hearts of many people.